Finally I found a very creative humidifier! !

Finally I found a very creative humidifier! !

I have many small humidifiers given to me by friends in my small house. Small humidifiers are really practical and can be used all year round. When the seasons change, my skin is particularly dry. Humidifiers can alleviate the dry environment. ~

If you want to give someone around you a creative humidifier, you might as well give this landscape projection humidifier! !

Really super cute! ! There is a super atmospheric and healing landscape inside the humidifier~~

You can choose a cool diver, or you can choose a very cute little lion~ After adding water, it really feels like you are watching the underwater world~

And this humidifier can also project! ! Turn on the projection function at night, feel the myriad of life, and your mood will instantly improve! !

The humidifier and projection functions can be turned on at the same time. The projection effects include ocean, universe, and starry sky. You can also spend a romantic night at home!

Moreover, this humidifier can also turn on the light, and can also be used as a night light at night~

The spray is also very fine, and it’s a rechargeable model. I really can’t find any faults with this product. Give it to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend! !

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