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A Humidifier Spray Fan

A Humidifier Spray Fan

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Product Introduction

Don't be fooled by its size. This fan can rotate 180 degrees, has three adjustable wind speeds, and is equipped with a humidifier. Thoughtful design ensures that no matter how you use it. This way, when blowing, it won't get dry, whether it's in the office or doing homework in the summer, it's perfect. There are more, It can also serve as a small night light, and it is truly the most powerful mini fan I have ever seen. It's so practical, no, it can also serve as a small night light. This mini fan has incredible practicality.


Product Name: Humidifying spray fan
Type : USB Rechargeable
Wind: 3 gears
Water tank capacity: 350ml
Battery capacity: 1500mAh/3000mAh
Charging port: Type-c
Function: fan, humidification, night light.
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